She has been a part of massive blockbusters including Jurassic World, but Bryce Dallas Howard reveals that not everyone is impressed with her film resume — including her kids.

“You shift when you’re a parent. You go from just wanting your own parents’ approval, to just wanting your children’s approval,” the 38-year-old told Closer Weekly and other reporters at the 2nd Annual Environmental Media Association Honors Benefit Gala on Saturday, September 28. However, “I directed an episode of The Mandalorian last season, which is a [live-action] Star Wars show, and my son came onto set and he literally stepped onto set, looked around and turned to me and said, ‘When are you doing a Marvel movie?’ I was like, ‘Theo. Theo, let’s be grateful for what we have.’ My word. So it’s just, you know, they’re … You would think they would be impressed, but it doesn’t last very long.”

The actress shares her son, 12, and her daughter Beatrice, 7, with her husband, actor Seth Gabel. And now that their kids aren’t so little anymore, the Rocketman costar is noticing they are reaching some milestones.

“He’s just getting older. He’s getting bigger. It’s, it’s incredible,” Bryce said of her eldest child. “It’s getting very, very fun now, you know? I mean, I have a seven year old and a 12 year old, so it’s not … We’re, like, officially out of the phase of being like, ‘Are they going to read? Are they going to be potty trained? Are they going to sleep’ Like, those questions have been answered and it’s just fun!”

While her children may not be completely interested in the movies their mom is in, Bryce does want them to be all about being environmentally friendly. “I like to tell my kids stories about the incredible individuals who are on the frontline and who are making change. You know, like showing videos of Greta Thunberg and, like, you’re like speaking to these politicians and being on the boat and doing what she does,” the A-lister explained.

Bryce Dallas Howard
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“I mean, I look at my children, my son is 12 years old. I mean, he’s only four years younger than her and he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh. Like, I have a voice. Like, I can make a difference.’ And, and I think it’s about just tapping into each child and revealing that it is possible, that there is a future, and the future can be bright and extraordinary and all we have to do is not be afraid and not hide,” Bryce added.

Bryce is such a great mom!