Even though Ron Howard is arguably one of the greatest directors of our time, his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, has also made her own success — in fact, she’s even taught her dad some few very important things.

The Happy Days alum, 65, attended the Dads (TIFF Docs) premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto on Friday, September 6, and spoke about his eldest child’s directorial debut, and what she made him notice about the industry. “That tenacity is pretty interesting to witness,” Ron told reporters. “I also had no idea. I’m going back now, you know, 17, 18 years since she began professionally in the business. I honestly and I’m embarrassed to admit it, I didn’t realize how much more difficult the business was for females than males. And to witness it through the eyes of a daughter who’s actually had a lot of good breaks and done incredibly well and still see the ways in which an artist is sort of tested, challenged, as they make their way through the industry.”

Ron Howard Bryce Dallas Howard
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The Oscar winner continued, expanding on his thought, “Even without any nightmares or horror stories, but just the struggle. It is profoundly different than what I’ve observed among my counterparts or anything that I felt or really went through.​ And so that’s been sobering, but I’ve felt it for years, which is one of the reasons why I’m excited that those ratios are beginning to balance out.”

Ron added, “That there is a new etiquette and a new understanding of relationships, interactions, in the workplace that make the environment, that do level the playing field a little bit more and make the environment healthier and more productive, and remove these other sort of aspects that only limit creativity and personal expression.​” Bryce — whose new doc explores contemporary fatherhood — also spoke about growing up with a famous father.

“I feel very fortunate to come from my family and actually when I first started acting I was just ‘Bryce Dallas,’ and my parents one day asked me like ‘are you not proud of our family?’ And so yeah, I love my family,” the 38-year-old admitted.

Ron shares Bryce, as well as three more kids — twin daughters Paige and Jocelyn, 34, and son, Reed, 32 — with his wife, Cheryl. This certainly seems like a family who support one another!