Brooke Burke may have the body of a goddess, but she wants everyone to know — especially her kids — that it’s not all about looks. In order to teach her four children about confidence and the “important” aspects of staying fit, the Dancing With the Stars alum makes sure to incorporate “positive reinforcement” into her parenting, she exclusively tells Closer.

“It’s hard, you know, this digital world we’re living in, everything is filtered … so it’s very, very difficult,” Brooke, 49, shares in a new interview, saying she tries to “[lead] by example” when it comes to preaching body image to her kids: Neriah, 21, Sierra, 19, Heaven Rain, 14, and Shaya, 13.

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“We talk a lot about it and it takes a lot of positive reinforcement and it takes a lot of redirecting,” the Wild On! alum continues, noting she speaks to her children about the more critical reason they should prioritize their well-being. “It’s about encouraging [them] to move for their health and more so than for the bikini body,” she insists.

Pointing out the advancements of social media and living in a “world through a filter,” Brooke said it’s “especially” more challenging raising three girls. “[It’s] a bit mindblowing and confusing,” she says. “One of my daughters just got accepted for college and my other is going to high school … it takes a lot as a young girl today to find your confidence.”

Fortunately, Brooke has made sure her kiddos know staying on top of their health and fitness is “important for [their] overwell well-being,” she says.

As the founder and CEO of her Brooke Burke Body app, it’s a little easier for the TV personality to fit in a workout during her busy day. When it comes to exercising with her children, Brooke reveals she likes to turn their workouts into “an event as a family.”

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When she can get the entire gang together, Brooke says they’ll sometimes go for a hike. “My boyfriend [Scott Rigsby] and the kids and I, we went and did the stairs in Santa Monica,” she shares of their recent outing. “My kids will sometimes join my classes at home,” Brooke adds.

For “the most part,” though, the Naked Mom author said she doesn’t need to bug her teenagers about staying active. “They do their own thing … and I have a bunch of equipment at home that makes it possible,” she explains. “We’ve been home, homeschooling this last year, and togetherness at home has taken on a whole new level.”

Brooke is such an inspiring mama!

In addition to her daily workouts, Brooke incorporates BEMER, a patented Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology that targets the microvessels to improve overall blood circulation. Brooke credits the eight-minute BEMER sessions for “dramatically improving her energy levels.” For more on BEMER, click here.