Talk about creativity! Brooke Burke isn’t letting quarantine get in the way of her fitness journey. The former Dancing With the Stars host said she’s using her home as a studio to work out while self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“My living room is the new norm. It’s the new fitness studio,” the 48-year-old beauty dished while chatting with People in an interview published on May 21. “We’re learning how to take care of our bodies at home with no equipment.”

Although thousands of gyms across the country have been closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Brooke revealed the “fun, challenging and creative” ways she’s making up for it.

“Use a chair. Use your sofa. Use your stairs — I’m not talking about a two-story house, you can use the steps in your apartment complex,” the Wild On! alum urged. “Use water bottles as weights. Use a lounge chair mat as a yoga mat if you don’t have one.”

Brooke noted she was unsure about working out at home until she finally took the chance one day. “I’m a person — to be really honest — that used to criticize and laugh at these short workouts,” the brunette bombshell explained. “Now I figured out how to hit all the troubled areas, compound moves, how to work head to toe in a short period of time whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced fitness guru.”

The Transform Your Body With Brooke Burke star has certainly shown off her flawless figure in the past several weeks in lockdown. On her Instagram fitness page, Brooke Burke Body, the stunning celebrity has allowed fans to follow along on her road to wellness. She’s also shared tons of exercises and workout routines!

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This is my whole life, unedited, raw, real, fragile & true. These 4 are my greatest joy, my deepest love and my forever, ever changing lesson. I’m so blessed to be a mother, a sister, a girlfriend to many and a daughter to Donna Hatounian. She taught me how to love unconditionally & how to live fully. These 4 are my mirrors , my reflection & each of you are engraved in my soul. I love you from a higher place only a mother knows. Today while FaceTiming my own mother I felt a sadness, a stolen moment, a longing for her. My heart aches for every mother who feels there own distance today. To my 4 beautiful babies, my love cup isn’t full today, it’s overflowing because of each of you. Thank you Neriah, Sierra, Rain & Shaya 💙💜💖🧡 #happymothersday

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“Werk‼️ Home workouts are more important now than ever,” Brooke captioned a clip of her doing planks in early May. “Let’s crush our wellness goal together.”

Brooke insisted how important is it to use this time in quarantine to focus on bettering yourself. “We’re just not using the excuse of time anymore because we’re all in this together, connected in this new way,” she gushed to People. “It’s been really something to look forward for me.”

Besides staying on top of her fitness, Brooke is enjoying her time at home with her kids. On Mother’s Day, the proud mama shared a rare glimpse while hanging out with her children, Neriah, 20, Sierra, 18, Heaven, 13, and Shaya, 12.

“This is my whole life, unedited, raw, real, fragile and true,” Brooke emotionally penned alongside a gorgeous photo with her brood. “These four are my greatest joy, my deepest love and my forever, ever-changing lesson.”

Brooke is so inspiring!

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