Brooke Burke can thank her dedicated workout schedule and healthy “lifestyle” for maintaining her toned abs. The Dancing With the Stars alum exclusively reveals how she stays fit in her late 40s in a new interview with Closer Weekly.

“Health and wellness is a big part of my lifestyle,” the 49-year-old beauty explains. “There’s little bits and pieces of things along the way that that really help. I intermittent fast … I [also] share lots of recipes and philosophies through my website and my app.”

As the creator of her fitness app, Brooke Burke Body, the beloved TV host is “always producing” fun new workouts for her followers to join along to. “[This] keeps me honest and accountable,” she adds, noting she’s also been “teaching classes” in her backyard amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“This whole season has been about learning how to live differently and responsibly and create community connection,” she says of her socially-distanced classes. “But [to] do it in a safe way, and also take care of our bodies.”

Aside from wanting to offer “all different fitness levels” and a “community of support” for women who join her app, Brooke — who recently partnered with Tru Niagen, a supplement that helps repair cells and defends against metabolic stresses — says she loves to exercise because of how good it feels for her body.

“One of the reasons that I work out so much is for energy, it’s for my immune system, it’s to balance stress and there’s lots of other things that I do,” she dishes. “There’s so many things out there that are available, but I think it’s really important what we put into our body, as much as we take care of our body with fitness.”

Even though Brooke enjoys lifting weights and doing cardio, she insists your fitness routine doesn’t have to go on for hours. In fact, she believes you can “reshape” your body by doing just “five minutes” of workouts a day.

“As a woman, I know how to work out smarter,” the Wild On! alum tells Closer. “I know how to be more efficient with my time. I think that’s what you need to spend if you’re target toning, [and] I really believe in body sculpting.”


Another huge benefit of living a healthy lifestyle is being able to “lead by example” for her kids: Neriah, 20, Sierra, 18, Heaven, 13, and Shaya, 12. Because she’s been homeschooling them amid the pandemic, she wants to make sure her little ones get as much exercise as possible.

“I could go on and on and on, but movement is really important,” she explains. “It’s important for stress. It’s important for the kids.”

The former Rock Star actress — who shares her older kids with her first ex-husband, Garth Fisher, and her younger children with second spouse David Charvet — notes the “way that [they] eat during this time” is also just as crucial.

“We have to be more mindful and use our leftovers and take fewer trips to the market, so intermittent fasting has been great,” the brunette bombshell shares. “I also have a collection of different shake recipes that are really good for my body.”

As a thyroid cancer survivor, Brooke owns and operates and the Brooke Burke Body app to help further her mission to educate women about the importance of physical and mental health. Brooke credits Tru Niagen — a health nutraceutical that provides cellular energy, defense, repair and vitality — for keeping her own body healthy and active. “It’s too good to be true!” she says. No wonder Brooke looks and feels incredible!

Reporting by Lexi Ciccone