While exes Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have reportedly been in therapy for their kids, it doesn’t seem like they’ve had much time to hash out their emotions about each other’s partners because a new report is revealing that Ben is pretty darn jealous of Jen’s new man.

According to In Touch Weekly, Ben is not a fan of burger CEO John Miller, and that’s mainly because he’s been shacking up with his ex-wife. An insider tells the outlet, “Ben is used to his ex-wife dropping everything for him, but that’s all changed and he’s no longer at the top of her list of priorities.” The insider adds that the 46-year-old can’t even hear John’s name. “He winces whenever Jen brings up John’s name,” the source shares. “He can’t help finding faults with him, even though John’s the nicest guy and hasn’t done anything wrong.”

John Miller

But don’t expect Jen to shield her new relationship from Ben, as the insider says, “After years of dealing with Ben’s issues, she deserves to be happy!” A recent report also revealed that Jennifer is getting pretty serious with John, as a source told Life & Style that Jen is “very much in love” and she and John are ”stronger than ever.” We can actually hear Ben grinding his teeth as he learns all about this.

Jennifer Garner
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While Ben is apparently not happy with Jen’s new man, at least he can take comfort in the fact that he’s doing well with his ex when it comes to co-parenting. In fact, a friend of the couple told People, “They really like to do things as a family, be it outings, church, cooking or watching movies. They have both had some ups and downs this year, and they seem to be in a good place.” The pair even spent Thanksgiving together according to the source: “This was long planned. They always celebrate big holidays together as a family. The family all spent Thanksgiving together and they all cooked.”

As for John, he may not be going anywhere, so Ben is going to have to try his best to just deal with the fact that his ex-wife has moved on. Perhaps yelling into a pillow may be the way to go for Ben. Hey, it works for some of us.