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Whatever Happened to the OG ‘Baywatch’ Cast? See What David Hasselhoff and Other Stars Are Up to Today

On September 22, 1989, the Baywatch lifeguard crew set the standard for sand, sun, surf and sexy drama until the show ended its run on May 14, 2001. The series made one-piece red bathing suits popular and David Hasselhoff, a.k.a Mitch, admits wearing those loose-fitting swimming trucks made him feel, believe it or not, “self-conscious” about his body.

“I was hanging on the fence! I didn’t want to do that! I wanted to wear black leather and jeans,” he previously explained to ET Canada. “I don’t want to walk around in a bathing suit. I was really self-conscious about it.”

However, he decided to go with it until the show went off the air. However, costars Nicole Eggert and Erika Eleniak had a different opinion about their costumes. They liked how Baywatch made red swimwear so popular.

“It’s so interesting because after that wearing anything red became so questionable: ‘Wait a minute, I can’t wear red!’” Nicole joked. “It was just very weird.”

“You know, you can’t touch that,” Erika said in agreement. “I think once you kind of have that iconic thing, I don’t know, I think it should just be left there.”

Besides the swimsuits David and the rest of the gang wore, Nicole believes people tuned in every week because of the program’s amazing set. “I live for a set,” she dished. “And there were so many amazing underwater sets on Baywatch. I was just always fascinated because you’re underwater with all this electricity, all these big lights and cameras. It’s just like being at Disneyland at the Finding Nemo, what used to be the submarine ride, where you go underwater like this fantasy land.”

“All that excitement was definitely hands-down my favorite part of the show, and how the show looked had to be my second favorite thing,” Nicole added about her fondest memories.

We don’t know about you, but we loved everything about Baywatch! From the fabulous costumes to the stunning sets, we could binge that show all day!

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