Antonio Banderas’ Girlfriend Nicole Kimpel Loves Him for Who He Is! Here Are 5 Facts About Their Romance

The Mask of Zorro star Antonio Banderas and his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel, were practically the talk of the town at the 2020 Oscars! The pair arrived with the A-lister’s 23-year-old daughter, Stella Banderas, whom he shares with ex-wife Melanie Griffith.

A lot of people may not know this but Antonio, 59, suffered a heart attack in January 2018 and, if it wasn’t for Nicole, he may have died.

“The night before that I had this event, my girlfriend, she had a headache and we didn’t have anything in the house. So she went out to buy something, a painkiller or whatever,” he recalled on Jimmy Kimmel Live! “[Nicole] bought this aspirin, which is the only thing that she found and she found the maximum one, I think it was five milligrams.”

“She got some water, some other stuff, and at the time that she was at the cashier to pay the girl that was working there, she said, ‘You just dropped that thing over there,’ and it was the aspirin,” he continued. “The next morning, when I started having the symptoms and I clearly knew what was going on, she put one of those aspirins inside of my tongue and that saved my life.”

“So I had a second chance, and some stuff changed in my life, since then,” Antonio added.

Although it was a very scary incident, the Once Upon a Time in Mexico star said he learned a lot from his near-death experience.

“Things that I gave a lot of importance [to] stopped being important,” he said. “You put attention to the real things. My daughter is the real thing, my friends, my family, and my vocation as an actor. In a way, this is very, it’s probably stupid to say this, but it’s probably one of the best things that happened in my life.” Keep cherishing your loved ones, Antonio!

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