One year after being ousted from GMA3, former coanchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are telling their side of the story in iHeartRadio’s new Amy and T.J. Podcast. “We’re the folks who lost the jobs we love because we love each other,” T.J., 46, explained in the December 5 episode.

While both Amy and T.J. were still married to other people when news of their relationship became public, Amy wants to make one thing clear: They weren’t cheating on their spouses. “We were in the middle of divorces,” she insists, adding that her then-husband, actor Andrew Shue, had already moved out of the house.

The couple also open up about their “year of hell” post-scandal and their lives today. “We have fought for love, and I can say I have never been happier,” says Amy, 50. And in an unexpected twist, it turns out their exes — Andrew and Marilee Fiebig — are happy, too. They’re reportedly dating!