Alex Trebek was married to his wife, Jean Currivan Trebek, for 30 years before he died in November 2020, but that wasn’t the beloved star’s only long-term relationship. The late Jeopardy! host was previously married to his first spouse, Elaine Trebek Kares, throughout the ’70s.

Elaine and the Emmy Award winner walked down the aisle years before he ever made his debut on the iconic game show in 1984. In fact, Alex was still cementing his status as a star in Canada while working radio gigs and hosting The Wizards of Odds.

After tying the knot in 1974, Alex and Elaine were together for over seven years before going their separate ways. The High Rollers alum then moved on with Jean, a former real estate project manager, and the two tied the knot in 1990.

Although it didn’t work out with the accomplished businesswoman, Alex felt luckier than ever when he fell in love with Jean. Throughout their 30-year marriage, the two became the parents of their kids, Matthew and Emily, enjoyed plenty of moments together and celebrated tons of milestones.

The real estate guru also gave her hubby her undying support as he battled stage IV pancreatic cancer for nearly two years. Before the former Concentration host died at age 80, a friend close to the pair dished “Alex says he never would have been able to get through his cancer battle without Jean.”

“There were some very dark days when he just wanted to give up, but she has a way of lifting his spirits,” the insider exclusively shared with Closer Weekly in March 2020. “She makes him smile when he least expects it. He says he’s only beaten the odds this long because of his wife’s daily support.”

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When Was Elaine Married to Alex?

Elaine and Alex were married for seven years from 1974 until 1981, according to reports. Elaine didn’t have any kids with Alex, but he did become the adoptive father of her daughter Nicky Callei, from her first marriage to Louis Callei.

What Does Alex’s First Wife, Elaine, Do for a Living?

Elaine is a businesswoman who owns several companies, including a perfume packaging shop called Scent Seal, the multimedia music distributor Mag-A-Music and Gallery GO, an art gallery in Los Angeles. However, Elaine has had a very interesting career path, which included being a Canadian talk show host, party planner and Playboy bunny.

Has Elaine Ever Remarried?

Elaine exchanged vows for a third time after divorcing Alex, and this one seems to have stuck! Elaine married film producer Peter Kares in 2001. He even started many of Elaine’s companies with her.

Prior to Alex, the former model was married to her first husband, Louis. The couple tied the knot in 1963, according to reports, but it’s unclear when they split.

Where is Elaine from?

Elaine is originally from Columbus, Ohio. She moved to Toronto, Canada, to run a party-planning business and then got into TV hosting. She moved back to America with Alex so he could further his career, and the blonde beauty now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Peter.

Was Nicky Still Close With Alex Before He Died?

Despite divorcing her mother, Alex stayed very close with Elaine’s daughter, Nicky, who still uses his last name, up until his death. She worked on the production side of Jeopardy, along with other TV specials and films. She’s also dabbled in modeling and appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Glamour — plus she’s a singer and songwriter!