There’s a cute moment in Adam Sandler’s new Netflix comedy, You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, in which Adam’s frazzled but loving father fakes out his onscreen daughter Stacy by pretending to spill a cup of coffee on her. It’s a perfect goofy-dad move, made all the more natural considering it was improvised — and that Stacy is played by Adam’s own daughter, 14-year-old Sunny, who along with big sis, Sadie, 17, and mom, Jackie, star in the charming teen comedy.

“I love that moment,” director Sammi Cohen reflected of working with the family. “There are just these beautiful moments that feel so slice-of-life.”The Uncut Gems actor is known for rallying the same folks around him on project after project (where would Rob Schneider’s career be without him?). His wife and kids are no exception. Jackie has appeared in more than 30 of his films, while the girls have been in 20-plus. But this is the first time the family is front and center, with Sunny carrying the flick as a tween caught up in friend drama as she plans her night-of-a-lifetime bat mitzvah.

Adam Sandler poses with kids Sadie and Sunny and wife Jackie while wearing a suit
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“Adam is so proud of his girls, he didn’t doubt their talent,” an insider tells Closer. “He’s joking they’re the big stars in the family now, not him.” As for their own bat mitzvahs, pops didn’t skimp — between the two of them, Sadie’s and Sunny’s had performances by Adam Levine, Charlie Puth and Halsey