On her new TV series, Harry Wild, Jane Seymour often dons a disguise to go undercover. “Sometimes she’ll pretend to be an old Scottish or Irish lady so she can get information,” Jane tells Closer. “No one is going to suspect her because she doesn’t look dangerous, but she is!”

Like the crime-fighting former literature teacher she plays, Jane should not be underestimated, either. At 71, she’s thriving as a character actress and finding purpose in philanthropy through her Open Hearts Foundation. Her personal life, with partner David Green, four children and three grandkids, also couldn’t be happier. “My life is all about family, very close friends who I consider family, and trying to make a difference,” Jane says.

During the worst of the pandemic, Jane, who admits she used to be computer illiterate, learned how to host fundraising events via Zoom. “I wanted to raise money for all the women and children who were having real problems because of COVID. There were food shortages and battered women who had nowhere to go,” says Jane, who worked with 22 different charities. “People would pay money towards the charity to be invited to a private Zoom. I was literally all over the world from my living room,” she says.

Jane filmed Harry Wild, her new eight-part mystery series on Acorn TV, in Ireland last year. The show’s retired college professor with a knack for solving crime was written specifically for her. “I think the reason that I’m still working all the time is because under my bangs, everything moves,” says the star, who abstains from Botox and plastic surgery. “I’ve been having a lot of fun playing great characters.”

Jane’s other recent projects include Ruby’s Choice, about a woman facing dementia, and a recurring role on TV’s B Positive as Bette “an 85-year-old resident of an old people’s home who thinks she’s a 20-year-old rock chick.”

For the past eight years, Jane has shared her life with David Green, a British film producer and director. She’s happy, but after four divorces she doesn’t feel the need to marry again. “I think when you get older, you bring a lot of baggage. You bring an entire life, whatever your health concerns are, career, children, grandchildren. So it’s a different relationship you are looking for,” says Jane, who finds pleasure in being self-reliant. “David is very supportive, but he does his thing and I do mine. I am quite adept at running my life and my business. I actually quite enjoy it.”

Why Jane Seymour Won't Marry Again
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When she’s not working, Jane likes to entertain family and friends at her home in Malibu. “One of my closest friends is Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn. He and his family are here all the time,” says the actress, who feels fortunate to have so much love in her life. “I like it when I’m with a little group and we’re painting or eating and drinking or taking long walks on the beach talking about life,” she says. “That’s when I’m happiest.”