Thanks to Calfornia’s warm temperatures, Jane Seymour can tend to her garden nearly all year long. “We grow everything,” Jane tells exclusively Closer, rattling off a list of vegetables from avocados to zucchini. “We eat it all or give it away. Nothing goes to waste.”

The still-beautiful former Bond girl, 69, who recently appeared in the film Friendsgiving, credits her youthfulness to a diet high in homegrown veggies and eggs, daily exercise, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. “I try to keep myself as healthy as possible,” she says.


That means paying careful attention to what she eats. “I don’t really eat red meat or animal fat. I eat a little bit of chicken,” says Jane, who also enjoys eggs from her own hens and wine in moderation. “Mostly I eat fish, often salmon. I will have pasta in smaller amounts, but I never have any bread in the house.”

When she eats is almost as important as what. “I have one meal a day, usually at lunchtime,” Jane reveals. “If I eat in the evening I’ll eat very, very lightly.” And when she craves a snack, pistachios are her “naughty treat.”

Jane, who underwent surgery for a herniated disc in her 50s, exercises with care. “I do Pilates and Gyrotonics, always in alignment,” she says. “I also walk for about an hour three times a week.” Jane also believes that feeling young is a state of mind. “The secret
is to be in the moment and appreciate what you have,” she says. “It brings health and joy.”

—Reporting by Natalie Posner

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