Fans of The View love cohost Whoopi Goldberg’s no nonsense attitude, but one of them was on the receiving end of her ire during the Tuesday, March 26, taping after filming the panel on his cellphone camera. 

Whoopi, 68, abruptly turned filming on its heels during the “Hot Topics” discussion, directing her attention to the audience member in question. 

“Hold on a second. Sir, I have to stop you with the camera because I can see you,” the storied actress said after getting up from her seat and walking to the side of the stage where he was seated. “Do me a favor: Don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that. Thank you.”

Though they’re used to Whoopi’s hot takes and steadfastness, cohosts Sara Haines, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin appeared stunned by the Sister Act star’s decision to confront the filmer. “What was he doing?” Joy asked quietly, while Sara replied, “Recording.” Fellow audience members, however, cheered Whoopi’s decision to call out the behavior. 

If there was any tension left in the air after the call out, it was surely to do with the “Hot Topic” the ladies were discussing. The View – known for bringing heated political topics to the table for discussion – saw Donald Trump once again as a talking point, this time with the conversation revolving around his latest legal issues. 

As Whoopi was on a roll, giving her take on the former president’s woes, her demeanor once again shifted as a producer signaled to her to pass the discussion over to Sunny

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

“I’m going to get to her,” Whoopi retorted, with Sunny no doubt weighing in due to her status as the show’s legal expert. “My God guys, I’m going to get to her. May I finish my point or you want me to just jump now?” the long-standing host continued. 

Joy was quick to recognize the levels of frustration her cohost was feeling, commenting herself, “Whoopi is not in the mood today for your shenanigans!”

Tuesday’s taping was just the latest in a string of “Hot Topics” that left Whoopi feeling displaced. During the March 20 filming of The View, the ladies discussed Princess Kate Middleton’s whereabouts and debated the status of her well-being amid a flurry of controversial social media activity. While the panel debated, Whoopi checked out of the conversation, retorting that the only people who cared about Kate’s whereabouts were Americans. 

“I did try and explain to you that this is not something they are worried about over in London, they’re not worried about it!” the EGOT winner said. “We’re the only ones that do this! They know where she is!”

After Sunny suggested that body doubles could be involved, Whoopi pretended to fall asleep, a very telling signal that she was done with the topic of conversation.