The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg has made it very clear that getting married again is not something she is interested in. She and cohost Joy Behar shared relatable and hilarious realizations about their past divorces during an episode of the talk show on Tuesday, August 1. 

“I was dancing and prancing, I was so glad to get out of there. Every time,” Whoopi, 67, said about the demise of her three marriages. “Because I always knew, I always thought, ‘You didn’t want to do this from the giddyup, and you did it anyway, so shut up and move on.’” 

The EGOT winner was married to her first husband, Alvin Martin, from 1973 to 1979. The former couple welcomed one child during their marriage, daughter Alex Martin. In 1986, she tied the knot with cinematographer David Claessen. Their marriage ended in 1988. Whoopi married her third husband, Lyle Trachtenberg, in 1994. They were officially divorced one year later. 

“I thought I could make a round hole go into a square peg,” she reflected when her costars asked her why she chose to walk down the aisle three times. “I thought that that was what was for me.”

Whoopi did not hold back from revealing more of her honest thoughts on marriage and divorce to the audience. 

“I was never meant to be married, and I know that, and I knew that then, and I kept trying to do what everybody said what I was supposed to,” the Sister Act actress continued. “And then I said, ‘You know what? This is getting expensive and boring.’”


While Whoopi has sworn off getting married again in the future, Joy, 80, was able to find love after her divorce from her first husband, Joseph Behar, in 1981. She married her second husband, Steve Janowitz, in 2011 after 29 years of dating. 

“As somebody who’s been divorced, I just want to say that there’s a special type of rage involved when you get divorced,” Joy admitted, which drew some laughs from the crowd. “You’re murderous. You’re homicidal. There’s something about — even if you want the divorce — there’s something about that wrenching that makes you homicidal.”

Joy recently stepped out for a rare appearance with Steve, 81, for a party at Don Lemon’s Sag Harbor, New York, home. The event was held in honor of Joy’s costar Sunny Hostin, who released the book Summer on Sag Harbor in early May.

Though Joy and Steve are pretty private about their marriage, she did offer some insight into their life at home.

“We’re really romantic,” she said. “We like to sit on the floor naked, eating cannoli and watching Hoarders.”