After dedicating several decades of her life to living in Connecticut and working in New York City, Kathie Lee Gifford no longer calls the East Coast home. The former Today broadcaster moved to another state after announcing her departure from the show.

Where Does Kathie Lee Gifford Live?

Kathie Lee currently lives in Nashville in a stunning home. The 7,965-square-foot brownstone cost her $3.7 million in 2019. The two-story home is fitted with several gorgeous bedrooms, a furnished basement and the kitchen of her dreams. She previously owned a small townhouse in the area.

Nashville has always held a special place in Kathie Lee’s heart, even years before she moved there full-time.

“I’d spent years coming to Nashville. In fact, I spent a year here shooting the sitcom Hee Haw Honeys in 1978. I recorded several albums with Warner Brothers, and shot the Today show during the CMA Festival,” she told Nashville Lifestyles in December 2020. “I found the people of Nashville to be great fun and truly kind hearted — good people as a whole.”

“I discovered almost immediately that Nashville was even more fun and exciting than I could have dreamed. I had a beautiful group of friends, a loving community of fellow believers and an extraordinary pool of insanely talented writers to work with,” the TV personality added. “I could not wait to get settled in and begin a brand-new life.”

Kathie Lee Gifford at home
Courtesy of Kathie Lee Gifford/Instagram

She lived in an amazing waterfront property in Greenwich, Connecticut, prior to her move. Kathie Lee once shared the home with her late husband, Frank Gifford, who died in August 2015 at age 84. During their marriage, they welcomed kids Cody and Cassidy.

Since moving to Nashville, Kathie Lee has been linked to Richard Spitz, who lives in the house next door to her. “She and Richard have so much in common. He shares in her love of faith, family, food and living in Tennessee,” a friend of Kathie Lee’s told Closer in July 2023.

Why Did Kathie Lee Gifford Move to Nashville?

The longtime talk show host marked her final episode of Today in April 2019. But that didn’t mean she was retiring for good. Kathie Lee has always had a passion for singing and directing, and now she gets to pursue it full throttle in Music City.

“Without having to be battling traffic into New York every day and battling all the stuff that goes with it after, oh, how many decades I did it. I’ve forgotten,” she told People in August 2022. “That, I knew I was done with, but I felt like my creative years were just beginning. I really did, especially once I started directing. That changed everything.”


The “Whiskey and Wine” singer loves being surrounded by creatives in her new city.

“What’s so interesting about Nashville is that a dinner party often turns into a bunch of talented friends taking your guitar off the wall and writing a song,” she said. “Then out of nowhere, you’ve got a song to take to the studio!”