After eight seasons on HGTV, Good Bones came to an end with an emotional episode featuring all members of the show’s beloved cast, including Austin Aynes. The construction worker earned the love of millions of fans who tuned in to the home improvement series each week, leaving many curious about where he works now.

How Did Austin Aynes Meet Mina Starsiak Hawk?

Austin once explained how he first began working for Good BonesMina Starsiak Hawk. While attending Butler University, he was approached with the opportunity to join the show. At the time, he was looking to pursue a career as a physical therapist, but he couldn’t pass up the chance.

“​​My current coworker and previous (and still) demo buddy dropped a line to me at the beginning of my senior year that his sister’s company was having a pilot for a TV show filmed and wanted me to participate,” the contractor wrote in his bio on Reason to Dance. “So naturally, I skipped a social psychology test (there is a theme here) to come out and participate. I say all that to say this; season 1 of what has become to be called Good Bones was starting right as all my applications were getting not responded to or denied.”

Why Did Good Bones End?

In August 2023, Mina revealed on an episode of her podcast that Good Bones was ending after season 8. In the months that followed, the realtor described tension on set between the show’s cast, including her mom, Karen E. Laine and brother Tad Starsiak.

“It got to the point that our small team, at that point, we weren’t like even enjoying each other’s company,” castmate MJ Coyle said during an episode of Mina’s podcast in October 2023. “We got through COVID, we got through all of these things, we got through all of these seasons and everyone was just very burnt out. Everyone was sore. Everyone was miserable.”

Still, everyone appeared to be on their best behavior during the show’s final episode, which featured a scene with the cast bonding over a flock of newly hatched ducks. Austin and his costars were there to support Tad as he proposed to his partner, Anna Spiars, in their newly renovated home that was featured on the show.

Austin Aynes wears blue top and bottoms whiile taking selfie in mirror
Courtesy of Austin Aynes/Instagram

Does Austin Aynes Still Work for Mina Starsiak Hawk?

Austin no longer works for Mina’s Two Chicks and a Hammer business, however, he did join Tad’s construction company after filming of Good Bones wrapped.

“I wanted to try to find a soft landing space for as many people on my team as I could, and one of the things that I did because Tad does have his own company is [that] I reached out to him and said two of the people on the team, Austin being one of them, I’m not in a position where I can maintain a large team anymore,” Mina explained during an October 2023 episode of her podcast. “I would like to be able to go to them with an option when I go to them and say, ‘I can’t maintain you anymore.’ That worked. Tad said, ‘Yes, I have room on my team,’ and he actually took on Austin, who is an amazing employee as well as another one of my employees.”