Everyone knows Meredith Grey is one of the most mysterious and complex characters on Grey’s Anatomy. And now that we know all about her life inside Grey Sloan Memorial, fans are wanting to look back at the old Mer before her days as a general surgeon. That said, many are asking: where did Meredith go to college? Scroll down to learn all about Grey’s‘ leading woman!

Where did Meredith Grey go to college?

Before her days as a surgeon, Meredith attended Dartmouth College, an Ivy League school in New Hampshire. Impressive! Even though we don’t know exactly which med school Meredith attended, we know she went to one in Boston after taking some time off after college to travel Europe with her friend.

Who plays Meredith Grey?

Meredith Grey is portrayed by actress Ellen Pompeo. She first took on the role during the show’s first season back in 2005 and still remains today. She previously opened up about being on the series for so long. “My decision to stay on Grey’s was based solely on age,” she said. “At 33, I was wise enough to know my clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”

How is Maggie related to Meredith Grey?

So it turns out, the two are half-sisters! Richard Webber had a baby with Ellis Grey, who is also Meredith’s mom. Maggie lived with her adoptive parents before reuniting with Richard and Meredith after becoming the chief of cardiology at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Who is Meredith Grey married to?

Before his passing, Meredith was married to Derek Shepherd (they were easily one of the most iconic love stories in television history). The tied the knot in a simple ceremony after writing their vows on a post-it and it was perfect.

When does Meredith get pregnant?

Meredith and Derek adopted their daughter, Zola, during the show’s eighth season after Meredith was told she’d have trouble conceiving. Meredith first found out she was pregnant right before the hospital’s tragic shooting (in which Derek was shot in the chest), but later had a miscarriage.

Meredith then revealed she was pregnant with the couple’s second child, son Bailey, at a dinner after the horrible plane crash. And in typical Grey’s fashion, Meredith gave birth during the superstorm that essentially trapped everyone in Grey Sloan Memorial!

After Derek’s death, Meredith found out she was pregnant with the couple’s third child (Derek had expressed that he wanted another baby before he died). She soon welcomed a baby daughter named Ellis while she was away mourning the passing of her late husband. We wish Derek could have met her…

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