Every Grey’s Anatomy fan has a storyline that completely destroyed them. And for many, that storyline was when Izzie Stevens was diagnosed with cancer. The blonde and bubbly character (played by Katherine Heigl) was a member of the five original surgical interns. However, today only two of the original five remain. One left the country, one died, two stayed, and then there was Izzie, who was fired from the hospital and left suddenly leaving Alex Karev (her then-husband) behind.

And last week, viewers were introduced to a plot-twist that gave us a major case of déjà vu. The Season 14 premiere ended with the cliffhanger that Amelia Shepherd has a brain tumor. So, why does that feel so familiar? Well, that would be because Izzie almost died from brain cancer.

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Even though it was revealed in the third episode that Amelia’s tumor is benign and not cancerous, we’re still having major Izzie flashbacks. And there are still similarities between the two doctors’ symptoms. Amelia’s decision-making, planning, and impulse control have been impacted because of the tumor. Izzie’s mind was also impacted because of her cancer which spread to her brain. She suffered from hallucinations for many episodes before she realized what was happening to her.

She eventually began treatment and surgeries to beat the cancer. She married Alex, became cancer-free, but then she shocked fans by leaving anyway. Her character was fired from the hospital, and according to Grey’s cast members, Katherine didn’t leave the show on too friendly of terms either.

“When Katie left, it was tough. You could understand why she wanted to go — when you’re offered $12 million a movie and you’re only 26,” Ellen Pompeo (who plays Meredith Grey) explained about why Katherine left the show. “But Katie’s problem is that she should not have renewed her contract. She re-upped, took a big raise, and then tried to get off the show. And then her movie career did not take off.” Yikes — we think it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing Izzie again on the show. But, we hope Amelia sticks around!

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