Cookbook author Valerie Bertinelli stepped out for the first time with her new boyfriend after filming an appearance for The Drew Barrymore Show in New York City on April 3. While Valerie has yet to reveal the mystery man’s name, internet sleuths discovered him on social media as Hoarse Whisperer.

Valerie, 63, shared ​a photo of her and her new beau on Threads on Tuesday, April 16. “Hiding in plain sight,” the Hot in Cleveland star wrote in the caption, referring to how fans didn’t pick up on the fact that the man in the April 3 paparazzi photos was her boyfriend. ​

The One Day at a Time alum revealed she had a new beau in her life to People in an article published on April 3 and said that the relationship was “unlike any connection I’ve ever felt.” Even though her suitor is 10 years her junior, Valerie described him as “mature, kind, thoughtful, patient.”

As for how Valerie’s new romance came to be, she revealed that the two had known each other for several years and said that they were just friends at first.

“I thought he was interesting,” Valerie told the outlet. “It was strictly platonic, but there was something about him that I connected with that felt familiar. A comfort level. He felt like a kindred spirit.”

The former Touched by an Angel star confessed that ​her man would DM her “every few months,” and by the time they spoke on the phone for the first time in January, they were ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Valerie Bertinelli Shares 1st Public Outing With Boyfriend
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

“I was very guarded, as was he,” Valerie said. “His voice had the most beautiful timbre. I was like ‘Oh, I can’t talk to this man right now because that’s really sexy.’ We both had strong feelings, trying not to admit them.”

She continued, “We finally said, ‘Why are we doing this? It’s going to be challenging because it’s long distance but why not? You only live once.’”

However, the pair put off meeting in person until March. From there, Valerie realized that she had something special.

“I’m driving up to meet him, and he’s already at the hotel standing outside,” Valerie recalled. “I just jump out of the car, and I run to him, and I hug him. It was the best hug. I immediately felt like I was home. This is where I belong, in this man’s arms. It all feels incredibly right.”

Since then, Valerie and her boyfriend have established a rule where they never go longer than three weeks without seeing one another and ​she said that life is “all about finding the joy” and “sharing it.”