Ever since Treehouse Masters premiered in 2013, living in an over-the-top cabin in a tree is now one of the craziest housing trends. The company behind the show, Nelson Treehouse, builds stunning oases that are nothing like the rundown contraptions we used to play in as kids. From offices to recording studios to ski lodges, they’ve done it all. But probably our favorite thing about the show is the transformations. Although the show mostly focuses on new builds, every once and a while the team remodels existing treehouses that are rotted out and in need of a makeover. Check out the video above to see the most amazing before-and-after transformations.

treehouse masters
Animal Planet

And in case you’re wondering who’s living in these elaborate houses in the woods, according to Pete Nelson, the type of people who come to him for his services are adventurous types with a lot of cash. “I get calls all the time for kids’ treehouses. But I think the adults who are placing the calls are hiding the fact that the treehouse is for them,” he told The New York Times. “Some people look at these treehouse books and say, ‘I want one of those.’ Or they’re architecture buffs. They don’t have the skills to create it, but they want it. The people who pick up the phone are dreamer types, but they’re also doer types. Somebody who’s going to spend $200,000 on a treehouse is a go-getter.”

For those with an acre of land and lots of money, you can easily build a treehouse office or guest house. And considering how popular the little homes are on places like Airbnb and Craigslist, you can easily rent it out when it’s not in use. You definitely can’t do that with a regular kids’ treehouse!