When Gwen Stefani listed her house for sale last year, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The place was gorgeous, and we were pretty much ready to buy it ourselves. Oh, except for the fact that it cost a measly $35 million. But for seven bedrooms and almost a dozen bathrooms — the master bedroom has two attached bathrooms of its own — maybe that’s kind of a bargain. The property is 12,000 square feet with a main building and a guest house. Want to peek inside? Watch the video below to take your own tour of Gwen’s home.

The house doesn’t just have a ton of bedrooms and bathrooms, though. It also has that gorgeous pool, a playground, and tennis court. And, of course, a chicken coop — just in case you need one. Gwen and her ex, Gavin Rossdale, bought the place together back in 2006, and before that, it belonged to Jennifer Lopez. After their split, The Voice judge put the house up for sale in January of last year. You can check out the listing on the real estate website Trulia to see even more photos. Like one including the rhino statue the singer features at the end of her hallway.

As of this year, it seems like Gwen, her boyfriend Blake Shelton, and her three kids are still living it up in the mansion. But if she gets sick of sticking around the house she and her former husband lived in together, at least Blake has a couple different properties that they can visit. Like his Brentwood, TN mansion, his condo, or his ranch in Tishomingo, OK, where he’s brought the pop singer and her kids to visit before. Wearing camo in Oklahoma is definitely a change of scenery from her enormous home gym, all-marble bathrooms, and home movie theater. But, hey — we’re sure the “Rich Girl” singer loves having the choice between the glamorous life and the rustic outdoors.