Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s eldest daughter, Isabella Cruise, shared a rare photo of herself on Instagram. The former Hollywood couple’s child looked all grown up as she snapped a self-portrait while lounging in front of the mirror.

“All that glitters is gold … oh wait, it’s just another Instagram filter,” the 27-year-old beauty hilariously captioned her post on Monday, August 25. Isabella, who also goes by the nickname Bella, was jokingly referring to the gold sparkles that illuminated around her face and phone case.

Considering it’s not often at all for Bella to show off her gorgeous glow on social media, fans made sure to flood her comments section with sweet compliments. “You are so pretty,” one user wrote, while another echoed, “God bless you. Very Beautiful!” A third chimed in, gushing, “Love this shot.”

The high-profile pair first adopted Bella following her birth in October 1992. Three years later, Nicole, 53, and Tom, 58, adopted her younger brother, Connor Cruise, in January 1995. However, the Big Little Lies star and the Top Gun actor called it quits in 2001 after 11 years of marriage.

Bella and Connor are all grown up now, but according to reports, they aren’t that close with their mom. While chatting with WHO magazine in November 2018, the Academy Award winner opened up about her kids’ connection to the Church of Scientology and revealed why she’ll always be “here” for Bella and Connor.

“They have made choices to be Scientologists and as a mother, it’s my job to love them,” she explained at the time. “And I am an example of that tolerance and that’s what I believe — that no matter what your child does, the child has love and the child has to know there is available love and I’m open.”


Because Bella and Connor mean so much to Nicole, she’s made it her duty to be as “private” as possible when it comes to her adult kids. “I have to protect all those relationships,” she told the outlet. “I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children — because it’s what my purpose is.”

Even though Nicole might not be on the best terms with her son and daughter, the Eyes Wide Shut star — who also shares younger daughters Sunday, 12, and Faith, 9, with husband Keith Urban — couldn’t feel more grateful to have Bella and Connor as her children.

“Whether you’re an adoptive mother, a foster mother or a biological mother,” the proud parent once gushed to Magic FM, “it’s the emotion of attaching to a child and helping guide them [that’s important].”