Beloved game show host Drew Carey made a huge announcement while filming season 51 of The Price Is Right. The CBS series is going through one significant change that has left many fans scratching their heads. Scroll below for more details on the fate of the long-running game show and its legendary filming location. 

Why Is ‘The Price Is Right’ Leaving Bob Barker Studio? 

After 51 years, The Price Is Right will no longer be filmed at Bob Barker Studio at Television City in Hollywood. The shocking announcement came in a video shared on the program’s official Instagram page on June 23. 

“We’ve been here for 51 years on this historic stage,” Drew said in the clip. “I used to tell people there was magic in the wood because of all the good vibes that have been in this studio — all the laughs, all the fun that has been here.”

'The Price Is Right' Filming Location: New Studio Details
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The comedian shared that the last episode of The Price Is Right filmed at Bob Barker Studio was set to air on June 26. He has been hosting the series since 2007 after Bob Barker retired at the age of 83. 

“I am blessed by being able to walk the same stage that people like Bob Barker and Carol Burnett used to walk on,” Drew continued. “Honestly, it’s a real blessing in my life. I always am grateful and thankful that I have this opportunity to have a job like this.”

Though some are looking forward to seeing the show’s new studio, others expressed shock and sadness about The Price Is Right leaving the iconic stage. 

“I’m not too happy about this decision to move out of where both Carol Burnett and Bob Barker called this place ‘home’ in Hollywood,” one person wrote. 

Others questioned why the series is moving away from the classic studio after more than five decades of filming there.

“Why? Why would The Price Is Right move from the Bob Barker Studio? This doesn’t make sense to me!” another follower commented. 

Where Will ‘The Price Is Right’ Be Filmed Now? 

The Price Is Right will now be filmed at a new space in Haven Studios in Glendale, California. Drew revealed that he hopes to “put all the good vibes into that new place.” He encouraged fans to tune in to the “historic” last episode on the stage of the old studio.

“I was so blessed to WIN on that stage!” Rico Santana Grady wrote in a comment. “Good vibes for the new location! All love.”