How Sweet!

Earlier this week, Terri Irwin took to Twitter to mark a huge personal milestone. The 53-year-old wildlife warrior shared with fans a poignant tribute to her late husband Steve Irwin on what would have been their 25th wedding anniversary — and we can’t stop crying!

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“I miss you so very much, and I am grateful every day for the time we had together,” she penned alongside a photo of the pair kissing, with an iguana casually sitting on their heads.

The mother-of-two reflected on meeting Steve for the very first time in 1991. “I was absolutely floored. That was it. This man was a real-life hero,” she told Barbara Walters in 2006. “I fell then and there, love at first sight, not a problem. I said to my friend, ‘I got to meet this guy.’”

Laughing, she recalled how she knew she needed to get a photo with him. “I was gushing, and I felt like such a tourist and we did a big cheesy photo together.” She continued to say, “He was so passionate and honest… and there he just bared himself to me as if we’d known each other forever.”

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Clearly it was the perfect match. Six months later, Terri married her real life hero on June 4, 1992, and they were the picture of wedded bliss up until his untimely death in 2006. Along with Terri, Steve left behind his daughter Bindi Irwin, 18, and son Robert Irwin, 13.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2015, Terri admitted she was content with never dating again. “I think I’ve had my happily ever after. I still feel immense love and loyalty to Steve. And I’ve got great kids, I’ve got a very full life, and while I’m lonely for Steve, I’m not a lonely person,” she confessed.

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The mother-of-two continued to say, “I think if I hadn’t met Steve I probably would have never married. So that’s how unique our relationship was. And I think for other people who have lost someone and have loved again, it’s a beautiful thing but it’s just not really on my horizon.”

In her tribute to Steve, Terri told her children, “I love you so much Bindi. You and Robert remind me why it’s so important to be passionate about making the world a better place.”

Bindi recently admitted that her mom would always be tied to Steve. “My dad is still very much my mom’s soul mate. And I think that no matter what, mom always says that they’ll always be married,” she said.

“And to her, mom and dad, they’re always going to be together. So in this life and the next, they’re a couple and a team. So I think that’s really important,” she continued. We think so too, Bindi!

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