He is best known for playing Tarzan in the 1996 NBC series of the same name, but now Ron Ely is back under the spotlight in what looks to be a tragic event involving his wife, Valerie Lundeen.

According to various outlets, an incident occurred at the home of the actor’s home in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, October 16, and it is being said that his wife of 35 years is the victim. While not many more details have been released, we do know that this pair have created a wonderful family for themselves. Ron and Valerie tied the knot in 1984. They share three grown kids — daughters Kirsten and Kaitland and son Cameron.

Valerie was a former Miss Florida — she represented Miami at the 1981 pageant and also went on to compete at Miss USA later that same year. Not a lot more is known about Valerie, but we know that she was all about her kids.

Take a look down below to learn more about Ron and Valerie’s three kids.


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According to her Instagram, Kristen is a blogger and an influencer. She currently has over 25K followers on the social media platform. She also shares plenty of photos of her loved ones, including her nephew. Back in 2013, Kristen wrote a blog post showcasing just how much her mom means to her. “Your mom really can be your best friend … Just because you’re an ‘adult,’ it doesn’t mean that mom and dad should be kicked to the curb,” she wrote.


Kaitland is all about her son Jaxton, and she fills her Instagram with plenty of photos oft him. Back in July, the blonde beauty shared a video of her little one being helped to walk by his grandmother. “The day after his first birthday he took his FIRST steps! I was lucky enough to capture them!!! So proud of my little man!!!” Kaitland wrote alongside a clip of her baby boy attempting to walk.


Ron Ely
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Unlike his sisters, Cameron does not have an Instagram, and not much information is known of him. Above is a photo of Cameron’s dad in 1975 as his character Don Savage.