How far have you gone to try and get into an airline’s VIP lounge? Well we can tell you what Sherri Shepherd did: she pretended to be Octavia Spencer, and it somehow worked.

The 51-year-old comedian took to Instagram to share a hilarious video of herself telling all her fans that she was able to gain access into the Delta Sky Lounge simply by pretending to be the Shape of Water star, 46. “Octavia, I am in the VIP lounge in the airport in New Orleans,” The View alum said in the clip. “This guy is being really loud, he wants to know why I haven’t been nominated for another Oscar this year and now everybody here is wondering why I haven’t also been nominated for another Oscar.” Check out the hilarious video below!

Sherri also explained why she couldn’t reveal the truth to the folks in the lounge. “They think that I am Octavia Spencer and I can’t tell them that I’m Sherri Shepherd because they’re going to throw me out of the VIP lounge here at Delta … because I used your name to get in.” While the Oscar winner did not comment on the video, she did like the post, so it’s clear she has no problem with anyone using her name to get some benefits.

Folks on the social media platform were loving the video as comments rushed in. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a good laugh so thank you for that,” one user said, with another adding, “This is hilarious I love you!” And a fellow actress responded too, as Taraji P. Henson said “I AM SCREAMING.”

Octavia Spencer Sherri Sherpherd
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Sherri isn’t just sneaking into VIP lounges these days, she’s also been working on her figure as she recently revealed she has lost 30 pounds. “I am really putting my fat belly out there for ridicule but I am passionate about wanting YOU to feel better,” she said in an Instagram post. “Find your purpose and get past fear. I want so much for you to experience.”