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Awkward!Sharon Osbourne Slams ‘The View’ Star Joy Behar for Being Rude

Are Sharon Osbourne and Joy Behar feuding?!

On Friday, Jan. 13’s new episode of The Talk, host Julie Chen asked her co-stars if they’ve ever encountered a rude celebrity — and Sharon held nothing back while recalling a story about The View star Joy.

“Um, well I don’t know about famous… [she is] a TV personality. Well they’re not world famous or anything. It’s a lady by the name of Joy Behar,” Sharon, 64, began.

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“This is many years ago, I must say — but I was still famous, anyway. We were at this reception and I was talking to Barbara Walters, whom I love and adore, and [Joy] was with her,” she continued.

sharon osbourne joy behar getty images

Sharon (left) and Joy (right).

“And she looked at my hand and she went, ‘Oh, that’s very ostentatious, who got you that?’ And I said, ‘Somebody that loves me.’ And she was looking at my wedding ring, which since got stolen — I mean she didn’t do it, but you know,” Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife said.

“Then I saw her again at another event and she looked at me as if I had leprosy,” Sharon continued. “And I wanted to say, ‘What is the matter, darling? What is it? It’s not such a big deal!’ But I didn’t and we just move on and life goes on.”

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“I just got the impression — and I’ve [gone on The View since] — that she just doesn’t like my vibe. Listen, you can’t like everyone!” she added.

sharon osbourne joy behar getty images

Joy on The View (top right) and Sharon on The Talk (bottom right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“Was she nice to you when you went on her show?” Julie asked Sharon, to which she replied, “Oh, she didn’t talk to me.”

“You were on the show and she didn’t talk to you?” host Aisha Tyler chimed in, to which Sharon said, “No!”

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When Julie then tried to move on to another segment, co-star Sara Gilbert said, “That’s it? [Wait], who was rude to you, [Julie]?!”

Julie reluctantly replied, “Alright, well I would just say this — Cybill Shepherd was not the friendliest person. Look, everyone is entitled to a bad day, but she wasn’t the friendliest person. I don’t think I was her favorite person [when I met her].” So awkward!

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