TV personality Sharon Osbourne is so supportive of her husband, Ozzy Osbourne. The 67-year-old gushed about her lover’s new song “Ordinary Man” off his upcoming album during the Tuesday, January 14, episode of The Talk.

“It’s the story of Ozzy’s life,” she explained, before talking about the album’s cover art. “The picture was taken by Jack [Osbourne] two years ago when they were on the road doing their TV show together and Ozzy was wandering off somewhere and Jack took that picture. And we just thought it was a natural shot of Ozzy [because] no one ever sees him like that. It was perfect for this song.”

Ozzy Osbourne

Together, Sharon and Ozzy, 71, shares kidsAimee Osbourne, 36, Kelly Osbourne, 35 and Jack, 34. When the dad of three was doing the record, he asked his friend Elton John to collaborate with him — and it turned out great! Carrie Ann Inaba then asked Sharon, “What did Elton John think when he heard the song?”

“He loved it,” she gushed. “Ozzy asked if [Elton] would play piano because when it finished it reminded Ozzy [of] an Elton song. And he asked, ‘Can you play piano?’ and Elton said, ‘Yes.’ And then he went into the studio and [Elton] started to sing and then we just kept it.”

For Ozzy to be able to collaborate with Elton, 72, and get his friends like Slash, to help him make his first solo album in almost a decade made Sharon extremely proud of her husband.  

“To be able to pick up the phone to his friends and say, ‘Come on, [let’s] play and do this,’ and they say, ‘Yes,’ it’s just … I think for Ozzy it’s probably one of his best albums,” she gushed. “I’m just happy for Ozzy that it’s been well received.

Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John

When Sharon listens to “Ordinary Man,” she’ll have to get herself a box of tissues because The Talk cohost revealed it makes her very emotional. “Oh, I can’t listen to it on the radio because it makes me cry,” she said. “I can’t.”

Ozzy’s album is expected to be released on Friday, February 21.