Tennis pro Serena Williams cares so much about her 2-year-old daughter, Alexis. When she was born in 2017, she knew she wanted to give her kid a sibling right away. But after the months turned into years, Serena is now worried that it’s a little too late for Alexis to have a younger sibling close in age.

“I’m, like, ‘Oh my God, I wanted her to have a sibling and it’s getting farther and farther away.’ She’s 2 and I always wanted [them to be closer in age] because I am so close to my sister [Venus Williams],” she recently explained to Page Six. “We are 15 months apart and I’m like, ‘That ship has sailed.’ We’ll see, I obviously want more.”

Serena shares her daughter with her husband, Alexis Ohanian. And thanks to the couple’s little one, the athlete was able to give her twin sister a ton of great tips on motherhood.

“What I admire most about her is how dedicated she is, and if I ever become a mom, she showed me how to do it,” Venus, 39, recently explained to Us Weekly. “I think I had these misconceptions that were completely wrong. And, incidentally, my mom told me they were wrong — but I don’t think you always listen to your mom.”

Although Venus doesn’t have any kids, she hopes to welcome a few children of her own one day. Luckily, she can always ask Serena for advice whenever she needs it.

“The amount of time that she gives her daughter and how close they are, and how much they love each other and how much the daughter loves her, it’s definitely something to aspire to,” she admitted. “So, she sent me on the straight and narrow.”

Serena Williams, Venus Williams

Venus isn’t the only one who thinks Serena is a great parent. Duchess Meghan does too! The 37-year-old royal is always there to support her pal and Serena never takes it for granted. “She’s such a great friend and a great person as well. And always positive, no matter what,” the mom of one said about the Duchess of Sussex during a post-match press conference in July. “It’s so good to have people like that, just to know.”

If Serena does have another child, you can be sure Meghan and Venus will be there to support her no matter what!