Savannah Guthrie very coyly addressed the recent drama surrounding the Today show. The broadcaster dished on the dressing room situation backstage after Kelly Rowland walked off the set of the program.

“We need a remodel. We need Extreme Makeover: Today Show Dressing Room Edition,” Savannah, 52, told Entertainment Tonight. “We are in a historic studio, 1A. It’s the same studio that has been used for decades. It’s incredible and it’s iconic, but it’s old … You get the good with the bad … If you want history, sometimes you’re gonna have a few little chips of paint coming off the wall.”

“We try to do our best,” the journalist added. “Hopefully, the main thing is how people feel and the reception that they get, a warm hug from all of us on the show, ’cause we’re really grateful for them coming.”

Kelly, 43, appeared on Today on February 15 to promote her new Netflix film, Mea Culpa. Her appearance caused quite a stir after Savannah asked her questions about former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyoncé.

“What do you think about your friend Beyoncé,” Savannah asked Kelly during the interview. “She’s like your sister, you guys literally grew up together — she’s stepping into country.”

“I’m so proud of her,” Kelly replied. Savannah once again asked the songstress about Beyoncé’s new album. “I know, but were you surprised and what do you think about it?”

“I’m so proud of her,” Kelly responded again. “So happy for her.”

Kelly was due to serve as a guest cohost later on in the episode. It was initially reported by Page Six that she walked off the set of the show due to dissatisfaction with the backstage dressing rooms. Rita Ora stepped in at the last minute to cohost alongside Hoda Kotb that day.

Savannah Guthrie wears black dress with leather jacket
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“After 28 years of knowing her, Kelly Rowland remains one of the kindest, most amiable humans I have ever met and have had the blessing to represent,” Kelly’s rep, Yvette Noel-Schure, said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, February 20, after the incident.

Other outlets reported that Kelly was mostly upset with Savannah’s questions, leading her to walk off the set. But at the end of the day, Hoda, 59, shared that she would be happy to welcome Kelly back on the show again in the future.

“I was bummed. I love Kelly. We love Kelly,” the Hope Is a Rainbow author told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, February 21. “She’s one of our all-time faves, and there’s no one who’s more gracious or graceful than Kelly … we’ve been texting back and forth, and I gave her a call. I said, ‘Come on, girl. We’re waiting. We’ll do a redo.’ So, hopefully we’ll do a redo.”