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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Trio! Get to Know Kids James, Tabitha and Loretta

If you want a glimpse inside a successful Hollywood marriage, look no further than Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, who have been together for more than 20 years. They also share three wonderful kids, James, Tabitha and Loretta, who you just have to get to know.

The Sex and the City star and the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor tied the knot in 1997 and started their family five years later when they welcomed their eldest child, James, in 2002. The pair waited seven years before expanding their brood when they had twin girls, Tabitha and Marion — who goes by Loretta — in 2009.

From the very first moment she became a mom, Sarah dedicated her life to parenting her beautiful babies. Even though she was rising in the ranks as a Hollywood star at the time she and Matthew were raising their kids, the duo always preferred to have the least amount of help as possible in terms of nannies and housemaids.

“People seem to be very surprised that we don’t want a life with that much outside help,” she once told Grow by WebMD. “We love that we have amazing people in our lives who are willing to help care for our children and love them. But it’s nice to shut the door and know that it’s just your family.”

The Hocus Pocus actress said there’s “something wonderful and private” about being able to share intimate moments alone with her family. “I like that the people taking care of my kids get to go home to their families and have time with them, and tell them what a hard day they had at our house!” she jokingly added.

Even though she demands little assistance, Sarah noted she still has it “so much easier” than most other moms. “I try very hard not to suggest there’s a hardship in my life,” she explained to the outlet. “I’m working by choice. [Most women] are doing it with very little financial support and resources, or maybe alone, without great options for child care.”

Because her Hollywood lifestyle allows her to give her kids everything they need, Sarah said she couldn’t feel more grateful. “Having come from where I did as a child, seeing how hard my mom worked and now seeing all the ways mothers work today to be good moms in various ways — we all want the same things, right?” she shared. “Children that are safe and well and taken care of.”

Scroll down below to learn all about Sarah and Matthew’s three kids!

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