Model Sailor Brinkley Cook thinks it’s “really exciting” to be a part of the next generation with other talented celebrity kids, she exclusively tells Closer. “I think that’s really cool.”

“I’m surrounded by these young people that are doing such exciting, new things and viewing things in such a different way and challenging the norms,” the beauty, 24, gushes. 

Sailor Brinkley Cook: Mom Christie Brinkley 'Inspires' Her

Sailor is teaming up with Silk Nextmilk to inspire the next generation with a new plant-based milk beverage made with 75% less sugar. Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, Ella Bleu Travolta, Myles O’Neal and his siblings Shareef, Me’Arah, Shaqir and Amirah all showed off their milk ‘staches for the exciting campaign

“I’m really inspired by all of the people that are a part of this next generation campaign and I think Brooklyn is so cool and I love how he has done so many different things with his career and has so much fun with it,” she says of Victoria and David Beckham’s eldest child. “I love that he is now doing the chef thing. It’s so fun.”

Sailor Brinkley Cook ‘Excited' About Next Generation

Sailor’s mother, Christie Brinkley, posed for the iconic Got Milk? campaign nearly three decades ago. She was “excited” to see her daughter be a part of this new era with other children of celebrities.

“I just followed Ella on Instagram and was looking at her music and stuff and it’s really beautiful,” Sailor adds about John Travolta and his late wife Kelly Preston’s daughter. “I just think that young people going after what they want is really exciting to me whether you’re a child of a celebrity or not. It’s really cool seeing people do what they want to do so it’s been really awesome to get a little connection to these amazing kids.”

As for sporting a nostalgic milk mustache, Sailor was thrilled to see the classic campaign reimagined in a new plant-based form. The fashionista grew up in a plant-based household and still follows a plant-based diet today along with her mom. 

“I love that being plant-based is becoming cool,” the Dancing With the Stars alum explains. “You see vegan options everywhere and it’s so amazing because when I was vegan 10 years ago it wasn’t like that. It was hard for me to find products that I loved and that tasted like the things that I missed. So, it’s really cool to see all of these young people getting really excited about being plant-based.”