As a child to famous parents, Rumer Willis had a lot of positive benefits from the get go — however, she also realized just how different her dad, Bruce Willis, and mom, Demi Moore, were treated while in Hollywood.

“When my mom was the highest-paid actress, she suddenly was ‘difficult,’ ‘high maintenance’ or a ‘diva,’” the 30-year-old said during an interview with Huffington Post. “If the same thing happened to my dad or any [man], then they’re lauded and told how amazing they are.” This occurred during the height of her mom’s career — she was a box office draw after starring in films GI Jane and Striptease.

Bruce Willis Demi Moore
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Rumer isn’t the only child of Demi, 56, and the Die Hard actor, 64. The pair, who were married from 1987 to 2000, also have daughters Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 25. Bruce also shares two children — Mabel, 7, and Evelyn, 5, with his current wife, Emma Heming, 41.

Now that she’s on the acting route, Rumer is trying to become a leader, and stand-up for herself not only within the industry, but on social media, where she has received negative comments in the past. “I think the most important thing for me is doing my best to lead by example,” the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress explained to the outlet. “I still deal with insecurity and trying to figure out my own path in all of it,” she added.

Rumer Willis

The Now and Then costar isn’t the only member of her family that is quite open about their personal life — Demi herself is as well. In fact, she even wrote a memoir that her eldest child is all about. “I actually finished it not too recently and I’m so incredibly proud of her,” Rumer revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “It’s so beautiful and she shows such courage and vulnerability.”

She added, “I think [it shows] a depth inside of herself that no one has really seen yet, which I’m really excited for people to get to know that side of her.”