You’re doing amazing sweetie! If you had no idea that Demi Moore was on Instagram, I think that it’s about time you go ahead and check her out because even Rumer Willis, her own daughter, thinks she’s hilarious on the social media outlet. In a new interview, Rumer, 30, took some time to tell People that her 56-year-old mom is doing amazing on Instagram.

“Oh my God, she’s amazing. She’s killing it,” Rumer said. “We taught her how to do [Instagram] Stories the other day and she was so good at it already, but… we were all so glad because she’s so funny and we all get to see this side of her.”

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Rumer also said that it’s about time we all see the funny side of Demi: “You know, her with all of her dogs and just being silly, so I think it’s time that the world gets to see it too.”

Well, let’s see what Demi has been up to lately on Instagram — scroll down to see!

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Ye olde get down

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Well, that video is certainly one way to entertain your followers. I’m honestly just impressed that people still attend Medieval Times. Demi also took the time to share her Gomez Addams Halloween look with her fans. Have a look below.

Well, as long as Demi continues to be distracted with Instagram, she won’t continue to bring up the fact to Rumer that she would like to be a grandma soon. Although that might come up again at the Thanksgiving table.

And let’s all give some kudos to Demi for still having some fun in her life and still trying to make people laugh. We can all use some laughs these days. And this also reminds me that I should probably teach my dad to use Instagram since he’s been asking me for weeks now. I’m sure I’ll get around to that. Eventually.