Keeping his memory alive! Robin Williams‘ 1-year-old grandson, McLaurin “Mickey” Clement, is learning about the late actor by watching all of his films, including his hit 1992 flick Aladdin.

“His mom [Olivia June] and I have certainly considered how we want to introduce my son’s grandfather, my dad, into his life,” Robin’s 37-year-old son, Zak, told People on Thursday, May 28. “Certainly through his movies and the cartoons that he participated in is a great way. My son, Mickey, points at a cel [a celluloid sheet of paper that are used for cartoons] that we have in his room of my dad that has the genie from Aladdin.”


Not only that, but Mickey has a bunch of other cels in his room — and they all contain images of Robin’s work. “He’s got a collection of photos and animation cels throughout our home that he sees on a daily basis,” Zak explained. “I think it’s being mindful and introducing the elements and stories about him slowly.”

By keeping those special mementos in Mickey’s room, the couple hopes their child can “celebrate the positive elements” of Robin’s films. This way, he can have a greater “appreciation and acknowledgment” of the Mrs. Doubtfire actor as an “entertainer” and a “family man.”

“So, the key thing would be for us to introduce it slowly and meaningfully,” Zak added. “Taking an opportunity to share stories and his values in a way that we hope can be appreciated and embodied.”

In June 2019, the Graduates actor welcomed Mickey into the world after his dad died by suicide in August 2014 at age 63. In honor of the Oscar winner, Zak named his son McLaurin because it was his father’s middle name.

Robin Williams
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“I miss him all the time,” the actor told People shortly after Robin passed. “Often [if] I see something or if I’m watching a film, I think, ‘Oh, man, he would have appreciated this’ or ‘He would have gotten a laugh out of this.’” Robin’s legacy lives on in Zak and his two younger kids — Zelda, 30, and Cody 28.