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LOLReese Witherspoon Is Every Mother When She Totally Embarrasses Her Kids by Using Their Slang!

Even movie stars embarrass their kids! Reese Witherspoon is currently promoting her new movie, Home Again, and decided to get candid about her own relationship with her three children: Ava, 17, Deacon, 14, and Tennessee, 4. The actress opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how she embarrasses her kids and honestly, it just makes us love her even more!

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“Well, my daughter is pretty good at giving advice,” Witherspoon told ET. “She’s, you know what? She’s a really good listener. And then my middle son, Deacon, who is 14, kind of tells me when I’m embarrassing everybody in the family. So, that’s kind of good advice to know.”

Aw so cute! We love that Reese’s kids have such a great relationship with their mom that they feel like they can be open and honest with her. Because let’s face it, all parents can be embarrassing at times. And it seems like Reese takes all their “criticism” with a smile.

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“Just when I say things like lit? He’s like, ‘don’t say that,'” Reese hilariously admitted. But in all seriousness, the 41-year-old sounds like a great mom. “You know, I think the most important thing is that you figure out what your kids are passionate about, and what they’re good at. And don’t expect them to be like you, you just sort of encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. So that’s your job as a parent to figure out who they are.”

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