Bad blood? Reba McEntire revealed that she was “so devastated” when she learned the news of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance.

“Oh, my gosh, I am so mad at her because I had a crush on him,” the country music superstar told in an interview published on Wednesday, October 11. “Now I can’t have a crush anymore because he’s dating her.”

Reba, 68, referred to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end as her “boyfriend that cheated on” her. All jokes aside, the beloved recording artist is a huge fan of the Chiefs and the team’s quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. One of her favorite things to do in her downtime is watch games at home with her boyfriend, Rex Linn.

“We were watching him play because I love the Chiefs and I love Patrick, and I’d say, ‘Oh, he’s so cute. Oh, he’s so cute,’” Reba revealed.

Rex, 66, often teases Reba for having crushes on the players, but it’s one of the reasons why their relationship is so easy and light-hearted.

“When he and Taylor started dating, Rex said, ‘Your boyfriend’s got another girlfriend.’ I said, ‘Rub it in,’” she said.

Even though the “Fancy” singer has joked about having other “boyfriends,” Rex is the person who truly won her heart. Reba first went public with her relationship with the Breaking Bad actor in October 2020.

Rex Linn wears blue suit jacket and black pants next to Reba McEntire
Noam Galai/Getty Images

After more than three years of dating, the lovebirds truly are inseparable, making many red carpet appearances together.

“He’s a very supportive man, I love him with all my heart,” Reba gushed to People about her beau in an interview published on Thursday, October 12.

The Reba actress’ schedule has gotten a lot busier since she signed on to coach season 24 of The Voice this year. Reba shared some of Rex’s sweet gestures to help her wind down after long days on set.

“Rex meets me at the garage when I get out of the car,” she explained. “He’ll fix me a drink if I need it. He’ll sit there and talk to me because I’ve talked my head off all day long so he knows I just need to relax and chill.”

The sweet confession came just weeks after The Voice viewers learned the nicknames Reba and Rex call each other. The CSI alum adorably refers to her as “Tater Tot,” and the “I’m a Survivor” singer refers to him as “Sugar Tot.”