Life at home has never been better for Priscilla Presley. 10 years ago, her daughter Lisa Marie Presley welcomed twins into her life and ever since Priscilla met her new grandchildren, she hasn’t been the same.

“I can’t believe they are so smart [with technology],” the mom of four recently gushed to Us Weekly about her two granddaughters Finley and Harper, both 10. “I mean, they can handle the phone better than I can. They know how to Google already, they know how to draw things and characters, and oh, my gosh. They’re just little girls experiencing life and having fun.”


Priscilla Presley Gushes Smart 10 Year Old Grandkids Are
Courtesy of Priscilla Presley/Instagram

However, Harper and Finley aren’t the only children that Lisa Marie has. The singer-songwriter is also a proud mom to her two older kids — Riley, 30, and Benjamin, 26 — and you can bet that they know all about their famous grandfather, Elvis Presley. But for Harper and Finley, Priscilla said they’re slowly starting to realize the impact that the late rocker had on the world.

“I don’t know how much they can understand at 10 years old. I mean, they know, of course, who he is and they love his music,” she said. “And they’re in awe when they see how many people come to the vigil and light candles at the [annual] candlelit vigil [at Graceland].”

However, that doesn’t mean that Priscilla allows Harper and Finley to only listen to Elvis’ music. In her household, they can listen to anything they want.

“It’s their choice on music. We don’t force and enforce,” she said. “If they want to listen to Elvis’ music on Sirius XM radio, absolutely. If they want to listen to their own music, absolutely.”

Even though Harper and Finley weren’t around when Elvis was scaling the charts, they still like to jam out to his tunes every now and then.

“If they hear an [Elvis] song in a store, they’re very, um, demure about it,” Priscilla noted. “They, you know, they will look at each other and look at us with little smiles. So they’re very respectful.”

Harper and Finley may not know it but they’re keeping their late grandfather’s memory alive!