Even though royal couple Prince William and Duchess Kate are used to being in the spotlight, they’re not giving their kids any special treatment. Kate, 38, and William, 37, are actually raising Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, “to be grounded,” an insider tells Closer Weekly exclusively.

“They receive gifts on their birthday and at Christmas. And Carole [Middleton], spoils her grandchildren rotten, but when you meet them they’re just regular kids,” a source explains of the trio. “They’re kind, loving, funny and far from entitled.”

Kate Middleton's family

George and Charlotte receive the same kind of treatment at school too. “George takes history classes at St. Thomas’ and is learning all about his ancestors, which he loves, but the teachers don’t make a point of him being the future King of England,” the royal insider explains. “They treat him the same as all the other children, and the same goes for Charlotte.”

Louis hasn’t started school yet, but the insider notes the youngest Cambridge will be “starting nursery in September.” Until then, he just enjoys the time he gets to spend with his older siblings.

“He gets so excited when George and Charlotte arrive home from school and enjoys interacting with other children his age,” the source reveals. “He’s a happy child and a real mommy’s boy.”

It’s safe to say Kate doesn’t mind her kids wanting to do stuff with her. At home, she’s been helping Charlotte learn the “royal wave” because her daughter can’t get enough of it. She’s “becoming quite a pro!” the insider gushed about the princess.

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Charlotte’s “royal wave” will come in handy once it’s time for her and her brothers to take on more responsibility in the royal family. To prepare them for that day, Kate and William are already talking to them about their their future roles.

“George knows there’s something special about him and that one day he’ll be the future King of England,” another insider told Closer on February 8.

Being “grounded” will definitely help George and his siblings become better leaders in the future!