If only Princess Diana could have met her daughters-in-law, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Prince William and Prince Harry‘s mom tragically passed away in a car crash back in 1997, and while she never got to spend time with her sons’ wives, she did (without knowing who it would eventually go to) leave behind some jewelry for them.

So, how did the brothers decide who would get what from the late royal’s collection? Although we haven’t seen much of Di’s jewelry since her passing, both Kate and Meg each wear something very special of hers every day. And now that both William and Harry are married, jewelry experts are predicting that we will be seeing more and more of her bling during upcoming royal events (we can only hope!).

Kate Middleton Ring
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Kate, 36, is lucky enough to wear her mother-in-law’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring — the only one Diana ever owned. Will gave his lady the sparkler back when he proposed in 2010 and it was a sweet reminder that she was there with them on their wedding day in April 2011. The mom-of-three also wears the bauble whenever she steps out — and it looks more and more beautiful every time!

Meghan Markle
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But don’t worry, Meg wasn’t left out even though Diana only had one engagement ring! On their wedding day in May, Harry gifted the former American actress with Diana’s aquamarine ring, which onlookers got a glimpse of when the two drove away to their evening party that day. Diana wore that square-cut piece, which was given to her by her dear friend Lucia Flecha de Lima, in place of her engagement ring following her highly publicized divorce from Prince Charles in 1996.

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However, Kate and Meg’s support of Diana’s jewels has gone beyond their rings. In fact, Kate once wore Diana’s pearl and diamond tiara to a Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace in December 2015. Similarly, Meg was just spotted sporting a pair of Di’s butterfly earrings and a gold bracelet during the first leg of the royal tour in Australia. Diana would be so proud!

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