Sounds like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle aren’t the ones in the middle of a very heated feud — it’s actually their husbands! According to Nick Bullen, executive producer of When Phillip Met Prince Philip: 60 Years of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Inside the Royal Wedding, it’s Prince William, 36, and Prince Harry, 34, who can’t get along.

“It’s actually that William and Harry have had a rift,” he reveals to Fox News. “All brothers fall out. All families fall out. Their fallout at the moment is becoming public.”

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Nick explains that fans have been focusing more on Meghan, 37, and Kate, also 37, because they don’t want to believe that Harry and William’s close bond could ever deteriorate.

“I think people don’t want to think about that with these two boys,” he says. “These are two boys who lost their mother [Princess Diana] at a really early age, and the fairy tale is that they are closer than ever, and need each other, and I think that’s probably true, but equally they are two grown men in their 30s, starting their own families, different wives, they are moving to different parts of the country, different duties.”

Although Nick hopes “the Prince of Wales [Prince Charles] and the queen [Queen Elizabeth] are working incredibly hard to try and make sure everybody reunites,” he knows “royal view” has a lot to do with how their feuds are handled by the press. Nick’s new talk show, True Royalty, explains everything in detail.

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Nick notes that “it’s a much sexier story to have two duchesses at war” because you have “two super glamorous women — one British, one American. One an actress, one sort of an English rose. Let’s put them against each other.” The public just doesn’t want to see the two princes at odds.

“The actual wives actually are still finding their feet or have found their feet, and they’re very happy in the situation they find themselves, but it’s the brothers themselves who have been closer than anybody up until now,” Nick confesses. “We forget that they are people. We’ve all fallen out with our brothers and sisters over the years, and hopefully, it’ll be fine.”