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Prince Harry and Son Archie’s Baby Photos Side-By-Side Prove the Tot Is His Dad’s Spitting Image

Side-by-side photos of Prince Harry as a baby compared to his son, Archie, prove the toddler is his dad’s twin! Not only do the father-son duo have the same ginger hair and nose, his wife, Meghan Markle, practically hit “copy and paste” when she gave birth to their first child in May 2019.

Archie has resembled his father ever since he was a newborn. While making his royal tour debut in September 2019, the then-4-month-old joined his mom and dad for an outing at the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa. As he giggled and smiled while being held in his mom’s arms, eagle-eyed admirers pointed out how much Archie truly resembles Harry.

Although Archie seems to have Meghan’s deep brown eyes, the adorable royal appears to have favored his father when it comes to the shape of his face and the size of his larger ears. Aside from looking more and more like Harry as he grows up, but Archie also takes after the Duke of Sussex’s personality traits. According to a royal source close to the lovebirds, Archie is a lot like his father in more ways than one.

“Archie is such a well-behaved child,” the insider exclusively told Closer in October 2020. “But he takes after his dad and has an adorable cheeky streak, which makes everyone laugh.” And it sounds like he’s got the blood of a born leader in him too. “You can already tell that he has a strong, determined personality,” the insider continued.

The youngster is also extremely smart when it comes to his young age. “[He’s] already a bookworm and Harry and Meghan spend hours reading to him, especially before going to bed,” the source added. “He’s an incredibly engaged child and eager to learn.”

Harry and Meghan have been happier than ever since welcoming Archie, and their hearts grew ten-fold when their second child, daughter Lilibet, was born in June 2021. Not only has Archie embraced his role as an older sibling, but a separate source revealed he’s “obsessed” with the baby girl.

“Harry and Meghan don’t want their toddler to feel left out, but they have nothing to worry about because [Archie is] really bonding with the baby,” the insider told Closer after Lili’s arrival. “Archie is so excited about being a big brother and loves her to bits.”

Scroll through the gallery below of side-by-side photos of Harry and Archie’s baby pics!

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