The royal family is quite admirable, but with a brood so large and complex, fans are wondering one thing: Is Prince Harry Prince Charles’ real son?

The answer? Yes, of course! Charles and his late first wife, Princess Diana, welcomed Harry, now 32, in September of 1984. The former couple — who were married from 1981 until 1996 — are also parents to a 34-year-old son, Prince William, who was born in June 1982.

Charles and Harry have a great relationship — and often poke fun at each other! While visiting the Amazon rainforest in early December 2016, Harry was presented with a colorful, feathered headdress just like one Charles, 68, wore during a similar trip back in 2000 — and joked about the duo’s differing looks while wearing the headpiece!

prince charles prince harry prince william getty images

Harry, Charles, and William in 2002.

“My father told me what an amazing time he had [here] when he was far younger and had more hair as well,” Harry quipped at the time.

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In a documentary last year, Harry and his older brother dished on their dad’s embarrassing tendencies as well! William recalled a time when his father and grandfather, Prince Philip, 95, began laughing during one of his school productions when the show’s stage lights and special effects started going haywire. Laughing “when things go wrong” runs in the family, William said.

The siblings additionally revealed Charles has questionable penmanship — and claimed his handwriting worsens as the day progresses, leaving any letters he writes to his sons illegible!

prince charles prince harry prince william getty images

Charles, Harry, and William in 1985.

And while Harry is close with his dad, he was also tight with his mother, who sadly died in a car accident 20 years ago. In a previous interview, the red-headed royal revealed how he’s keeping Diana’s legacy alive through his charity work.

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“I want to do something that makes my mother proud,” he said. “Lucky for me I’ve got the prince bit so I’m able to make a difference.” So sweet.