We’re so sad to hear this. Paula Abdul‘s two dogs Tinkerbell and Charity died. The 57-year-old singer revealed the devastating news in an Instagram post on March 2.

“This last week, I lost two of my precious angels — Tinkerbell and Charity. A big piece of my heart is missing. So grateful to have been their mommy and for all the unconditional love they gave me for all these years. It’s amazing the kind of love a dog provides — it’s truly a gift from God. ♥️🙏🏼,” Paula said alongside three cute photos of her pets.

A few weeks before the “Rush Rush” singer announced her dogs’ deaths, an animal shelter in Bakersfield, California, revealed the former American Idol judge adopted a new puppy named Nemo.

“Good morning and happy Monday everyone! A lot of people of been asking what happened to our little guy Nemo, the adorable little Chihuahua puppy with the ‘lucky fin.’ We have been waiting for a while to announce, but Paula finally did a post last night during the Oscars, so here we go,” Matchmaker Rescue wrote via Instagram in February. “Nemo has been adopted by none other then Paula Abdul! He went to meet her just before Christmas in Las Vegas and she fell in love.”

Before Paula officially signed the paperwork for the little guy, she wanted to make sure he got along great with her other pets. “It was a test of whether her older resident dogs would take to him, and as you can see in the third picture … they have,” the organization said in reference to Nemo snuggling up with another one of Paula’s dogs.

Paula Abdul dogs

“Nemo will live a wonderful life in a Chihuahua savvy home where all of his future medical needs will be met and he will be spoiled and doted over for the rest of his life,” they added. “Thank you @paulaabdul for choosing to Rescue and save a life.”

We’re so glad Paula has Nemo in her life!