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Paul Hogan Has Been in Love Twice — Meet the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Star’s 2 Wives

He will of course always be known as the star of Crocodile Dundee, but while Paul Hogan had quite the successful Hollywood career, he also made time to become a family man — and it’s time you get to know the two women who captured his heart.

The actor, now 80, tied the knot for the first time to Noelene Edwards in 1958. In a recent interview with ABC TV’s Australian Story, Paul revealed that he met his first love while working as a lifeguard at a swimming pool. “I was a massive flirt, I liked her and she liked me and we got married,” he recalled. The pair would go on to have five children — sons Brett, Todd, Scott and Clay, and daughter Lauren.

Paul Hogan Nolene Edwards
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“I had my first son at 19. I had three sons by the time I was 22, so I had to grow up very fast,” the Flipper costar explained. “I sort of dug it, I loved it. And we grew up together, me and my kids.” However, the couple would call it quits in 1981. That wouldn’t be the end for the lovebirds though.

Less than one year after parting ways, Paul and Noelene would reunite and get married again. Although this time around their marriage lasted just 5 years, as they would divorce in 1985.

Paul would find a soulmate once again, this time while on the set of Crocodile Dundee. He and costar Linda Kozlowski would hit it off from the start. “She thought I was a little bit aloof, or a little bit, closed,” Paul once said of Linda’s first impression of him. Even director Peter Faiman noticed the spark between his two stars, although their connection wasn’t from the get-go.

Paul Hogan Nolene Edwards
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“As it turns out this rather difficult association manifested itself into a closer and closer and closer relationship through the movie,” Peter explained. “We shot the movie in sequence so as the movie went on they understood each other better. … In a strange way, a lot of what we saw on-air was true life.”

In 1990, the duo would get married. They would have one son, Chance.

After almost 25 years, Linda and Paul would call it quits in 2014. “I’m not a great husband. I’m good early.” the Hollywood star said during the same chat.

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