Legendary performer Pat Boone was blissfully married to his wife, Shirley Boone, for 65 years. The “Love Letters” singer candidly shared how he managed his grief after his spouse’s death in 2019. Scroll below to learn more about their marriage and love story. 

Who Was Pat Boone’s Wife, Shirley Boone? 

Shirley, the daughter of country singer Red Foley, met Pat when they were teenagers. She was there for him as he began to manage fame during the early days of his career. The couple got married in 1953 when Pat was 19 years old. 

She stood by his side as he released dozens of albums and branched out into the acting world in movies like 1959’s Journey to the Center of the Earth and 1962’s State Fair. Shirley built her own successful career as a philanthropist and activist, helping establish Mercy Corps, an organization providing aid to communities facing poverty, the effects of natural disasters and climate change. 

Pat Boone Wife Shirley Boone: Marriage, Kids, Death

Did Pat Boone and Shirley Boone Have Any Children Together? 

Pat and Shirley welcomed four children together during their marriage. Their daughters, Debby, Linda, Cherry and Laurey, all continue to carry on their legacy. 

What Did Shirley Boone Die From? 

Shirley died in January 2019 from complications of vasculitis, “inflammation of the blood vessels,” per Mayo Clinic. She was 84 years old. Pat was left devastated by his longtime partner’s death and kept her memory alive by continuing to live in the house they shared together for 59 years. 

“I’m living here alone with a housekeeper and my dog, a little cocker spaniel,” the “I’ll Be Home” crooner told Closer in August 2020. “Shadow is his name. It’s just me and my shadow, all alone and feeling blue. I’m doing fine. I mean, gosh, I miss her.”

Though he admitted that losing Shirley was incredibly difficult, the composer was grateful for all of the special moments they shared together. 

“My greatest accomplishment is our marriage of 65 years in Hollywood, being an entertainer and my four kids,” Pat said. “We’re living a good life.”

Before Shirley’s death, the My Island Family actor penned an emotional ballad dedicated to his beloved.

“I’d written a song called ‘You and I,’ and it expresses the thought that eventually we will be together in heaven,” he revealed.