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Pat Boone and Late Wife Shirley Have Given Their Kids a Great Life — Meet the Couple’s Children

Pat Boone‘s family means the world to him. He’ll never forget all the great moments he’s had with his four daughters, Debby, Cherry, Linda and Laurey, and his late wife, Shirley Boone. However, Pat wasn’t the only one who learned a lot from Shirley, his kids did too. 

My mother used to teach my sisters and me four-part harmony and have us sing for company. I got a lot of attention because I was little but I had a big voice,” Debby exclusively told Closer Weekly about what she’s learned from her mother. Shirley, who died from vasculitis at age 84 in January 2019, was a rising musician. She’s known for singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” with her husband.

Pat Boone and daughter Debby

But even though she wanted her kids to be great stars, Shirley always told her children to listen to their six-time Grammy nominee dad. “[His lessons are] very similar to what I learned posthumously from my grandfather, which is the ability to be authentically themselves in front of an audience, which makes everybody comfortable,” Debby revealed about her father’s teachings. “They just made people feel like they were guests in their home.”

Now with a Grammy under her belt, Debby has become the most famous of her sisters. Back in the 1970s, the foursome called themselves The Boones when they formed the pop singing group and released their debut album, The Boone Girls, which was well-received in the gospel community. Because of their success and their incredible presence on stage, Variety once said, they had “one of the most talked-about shows of this or any other season.”

Pat Boone family
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Sadly, the group didn’t last long as Debby went on to become a solo act while Cherry battled anorexia nervosa. But after getting the help she needed, the singer wrote her recovery process in Starving for Attention in 1982. Now, Cherry and her family are stronger than ever.

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