The late Michael Jackson‘s 60th birthday would have been on Wednesday, Aug. 29. And to celebrate what would have been a milestone event for the King of Pop, his kids, son Prince Jackson, 21, and Paris Jackson, 20, honored their father at The Michael Jackson Diamond Celebration at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas.

At the event, the brother and sister accepted the 2018 Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Legacy Award for Humanitarian Service on their father’s behalf. After the ceremony, they reflected on the singer’s memory.

michael jackson
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“Being here today is definitely an awe-inspiring feeling, because our father was the King of Pop and he did so much,” Prince shared with Entertainment Tonight. “He did so much for the music industry, but I think he put emphasis and importance on the charitable contributions to humanity that he really used his platform to [support].”

Paris seconded her brother’s response, and added a tidbit of her own. “We honor him in our own way, and I don’t really expect anyone else to understand besides this dude right here,” she said of her older brother. “I’m just happy to be with him.”

In the past, Prince and Paris have also paid tribute to their dad with heartfelt social media posts. However, this year was a bit different. While Paris was silent on social media, Prince actually posted a screenshot of a message from one of his followers that read, “It’s your dad’s birthday. Expecting a post from you for him.”

And Prince wasn’t happy. “If you expect anything from me you will get nothing. I see a plethora of ignorant messages like this on a daily basis. This is my account that is public to everyone and I will use it as I see fit. If you’d like to see birthday posts for my dad look at what I’m tagged in,” he captioned the photo. “I chose to honor him in a different, intimate, and personal way. Also for future reference ignorance like this will be posted and blocked. So think before you speak.” We bet Michael would be so proud of how mature Prince is today.