Fans were heartbroken Netflix canceled One Day at a Time earlier this year, confirming that it wouldn’t be returning for season 4 on the streaming site. Thankfully, fans can still count on the show’s stars like Rita Moreno to advocate for them and help keep the Emmy-nominated show alive.

“We’re still trying,” Rita, 87, told reporters on the red carpet at the 2019 Peabody Awards about the show’s possible return. “That’s what’s amazing. I spoke to [producers] Norman Lear and Brent Miller, his business partner, and they are still working at it. So it’s possible.” Exciting!

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Rita, Norman and Brent haven’t been the only ones fighting for season 4 of One Day at a Time either. Once Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda heard about the show being canceled, he started to make a few calls to revive the sitcom. “He’s not giving up either,” Rita happily explained, but added that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high.

“You never know what’ll happen. I think a great deal of that depends on what Netflix is willing to give up,” she said. ” So we’ll see.” Since only time will tell if the show will return to Netflix, Rita is remaining optimistic and has been focusing on the things that bring her the most joy.

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“Being here! Being alive, having all these astonishing things happen to me,” she gushed about what makes her happy. “I can’t pick a favorite, but I’m telling you, just being here.”

In the reboot of Lear’s sitcom of the same name that ran from 1975–1984, Rita stars alongside Justina MachadoTodd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz and Stephen Tobolowsky.

We understand that making a great show like One Day at a Time takes a while, but please don’t have us waiting for too long. We’re just dying to know what happens to the Alvarez family!